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About F-ONE Group

Our story

F-ONE was founded in 2021 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with the goal to enable world-class process digitalization for industrial and logistics companies. 

Originally, we focused on implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but quickly realized that it can only be a part of the solution (here is why).

We set out to find the best way to digitalize processes, which would combine the power of modern technology with transparency, flexibility, scalability and security required for a future-proof solution. This search resulted in our formulation of the F-ONE process automation approach. 

Our services

For those clients who do not have an internal Center of Excellence for process automation, we create intelligent software robots which enable process digitalization “our of the box”. For those clients who have an internal team dedicated to process excellence and automation, we provide consulting and development support to document processes, set up digital twins and develop task automations. 

Our team

Born in Germany, we have become a global team. We speak English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Arabic and work across the globe, serving customers across the globe.

Artem Fadin, the founder of F-ONE, is an expert in process automation and part-time Associate Director at the German Process Automation Association. Previously he worked as Vice President for a US-German boutique investment bank.

Alessandro Mosca, F-ONE's chief engineer, is an expert in both hardware and software robotics. Previously he held consulting and engineering roles at CERN, UBS, and Alten. 

Our footprint
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