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Automatically get freight orders from freight exchanges

(Under management by dispatchers)

Our robotic dispatcher assistant helps you reduce empty runs. It works similarly to a remote employee that is constantly checking the freight exchanges for relevant orders and reporting selected opportunities to the dispatcher team.
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Free up dispatchers from routine

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Reduce empty runs ("deadheads")

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Increase revenue

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Empty runs are a natural consequence of the flow of goods that arise due to changing and unequally distributed demands. Goods are usually delivered to storage or transshipment points where there is no possibility of reverse freighting the truck. The truck must therefore first drive a certain distance empty before it can be loaded with cargo again.

Ever since the advent of freight exchanges, there are options to reduce empty runs. Nevertheless, it often takes too much time for dispatchers to find a freight offer on one of the many freight exchanges. The offers only stay active on the exchange for a short time, so you have to constantly update multiple searches while other tasks have to wait. To make matters worse, there are more than a dozen freight exchanges and platforms in Germany alone.

Dispatcher Assistant is an AI-powered robot whose job is to find freight orders for your available trucks.
Job description of the dispatcher assistant:
  • Constantly check TMS for available vehicles

  • Query freight exchanges for relevant loads

  • Calculate bid prices and inform dispatchers

  • Upon dispatcher's command, prepare transport offers

Dispatcher assistant supports your team like a diligent remote coworker. 

/ Communication per email, WhatsApp or Teams

/ Regular reporting

/ Works on its own PC in your system, similar to an employee

/ Adjusts to specific requirements: search for specific regions and vehicle properties

/ Can work with standard and custom IT interfaces, Excel and emails

/ Can use APIs, if available

/ Works very quickly and reliably, checking thousands of orders per hour

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Access up to 800,000 daily opportunities on TIMOCOM

Through a partnership between F-ONE and TIMOCOM, the robotic assistant can access one of the largest freight exchanges in Europe via an API. The TIMOCOM network includes over 50,000 verified customers and up to 800,000 international freight and vehicle offers every day.

10+ relevant offers per vehicle per day

Relevance criteria are different for each customer, but good opportunities can always be found. The assistant evaluates thousands of potential orders every day, so the dispatcher always has good options to choose from without having to calculate routes, distances and prices by hand.

More revenue through better fleet utilization

Each unladen kilometer costs the vehicle owner an average of €1.90 in direct costs and opportunity costs (data BME e.V.) - regardless of whether it is a freight forwarder or an industrial company. Each additional order that can be accepted means a higher contribution margin and profit.

Dispatcher assistant pays for itself from day one.
How to "hire" the robot

The commissioning of the robotic assistant is not much different from hiring a remote employee. After setting up the workplace and a short instruction, it is ready to start. After commissioning, it learns more about how you work and adapts.


Set up workplace

Same setup as for a virtual employee (computer or VM, email account, TMS account, Teamviewer, access to the freight exchange). F-ONE Team takes care of the rest of the setup.


Job orientation

Our team learns what matters to you and sets up the robot accordingly. In about 1 week, after the first familiarization phase, the robotic assistant is ready to start.


Introduce to the team

We explain to your dispatcher team how to work together with the robotic assistant to achieve the best results for your company.