Case Study: FWB Plastics Technology

Updated: Jan 7

The management of FWB Plastics Technology, a mid-market German manufacturer of innovative polymer components, had long realized that many of the company’s administrative processes could be automated.

“Ultimately, every repetitive manual process in Accounting and Controlling could be automated with today’s state of the art technologies. We also see much process automation potential in HR – the digital employee records – and procurement” – says Tony Böhm, Head of Finance, Controlling and HR at FWB.

When F-ONE introduced FWB to Robotic Process Automation, they immediately recognized its potential. About a dozen process automation ideas were suggested already during the first meeting with the CEO and the representatives of Finance, HR, Procurement, Engineering, Production and IT departments.

FWB was looking for a solution that would enable the company to stay fully in control of its automation initiative, including the identification, development and maintenance of automations. Upon F-ONE’s suggestion, Automation Anywhere RPA platform was selected.

“RPA stands out because of its versatility and ease of use. Our team has implemented Automation Anywhere on a global scale for major banks, but the very same solution can also be used by a mid-market company without special training” – comments Artem Fadin, the founder of F-ONE.

FWB’s team went through a day-long workshop with F-ONE, discussing the practical aspects of robotic development lifecycle, automation pipeline management, process analysis, solution design and RPA development, laying the foundation of FWB’s internal Center of Excellence for RPA.

“Automation Anywhere offers a no-code programming environment hosted in the cloud. After the workshop we started developing automations right away, and the only thing that requires local deployment is the bot runner itself. “ – Martin Schuhmann, Head of IT at FWB.

The first process selected for automation was the preparation of productivity numbers for management reporting. This activity had to be conducted daily by the HR team, involving two applications and a standard sequence of steps. The robot has been scheduled to run daily, cutting manual work on this process down to zero.

“We have seen what RPA can do and are excited about its potential at our company. We are targeting at least €20k in annual efficiency gains by the end of 2022, and I am not saying savings but efficiency gains because we are planning to use the freed-up work time for projects improving controlling, analytics, work environment” – says Tony Böhm – “Working with F-ONE’s team on those goals is very seamless for us, they understand how we work and adapt well to our requirements”.