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Ideal Proof-of-Concept RPA process

Many of our clients who are new to RPA, before making an investment decision, want to see if and how RPA works for their organization. RPA is like a fabric that connects various IT islands and information silos, so the clients want to be sure it will work in their specific environment.

Then comes the question: which process is a good candidate for a proof-of-concept automation? F-ONE's chief Engineer, Alessandro Mosca, recommends that the process is simple, illustrative of RPA's capabilities, and highly repetitive.

Our clients are often surprised about how easy it is to get started with RPA, but it is true. In this video, Alessandro is showing a real-world process, an automation that is actually saving someone’s time and effort every day, which was created and deployed in just a couple of hours as a Proof-of-Concept.

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