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Development and operation of software robots

Our ideal customers

If you are a forward-looking leader in a middle-market company, chances are that you are ready to unlock the power of digitalized processes but do not have internal resources to dedicate to this project. 

Probably, you also have had your share of disappointment with “digital transformation projects” which overpromise and underdeliver. In that case, F-ONE gives you a secret weapon to gain competitive advantage while retaining 100% control of your Return on Investment called software robots. 

What is a software robot?

Software Robot is a software program that assumes responsibility for running a digitalized process. Some tasks within the process can be still performed by your employees (e.g. making decisions, communicating with customers, or resolving complex cases), but the robot tracks the current status of every process instance and also automates those tasks which are repetitive and rule-based. 

Software robots provide you with real-time transparency into business processes, increase productivity and free up human time. The best part: all development is done by F-ONE, so that you can get the benefits of process digitalization even without an extensive IT team budget. After the robot starts working, we constantly monitor its performance and do any required maintenance.

Using F-ONE’s robots is similar to hiring a remote employee or a freelancer

You explain to us the business process, so that we can develop the robot. You give the robot access to your company’s IT system accounts, and it works on a computer provided by your company. Importantly, no sensitive business data leaves your system. The robot works behind your firewall, and F-ONE does not get access to your data. 

You only pay us for the work done by the robot – be that processing orders or invoices, monitoring truck utilization, or coordinating production equipment, plus a small set-up fee equivalent to the costs of hiring a person. There are no contractual commitments – you can always cancel at a month’s notice.

What next?

For inspiration, you can have a look at some of the robots we have already developed, or reach out to learn more and discuss your process digitalization ideas and requirements. 

Logistics: scheduler assistant

Accounting: invoice clerk