Guaranteed ROI from automation

Unlock efficiency improvements with Robotic Process Automation, while retaining 100% control of your Return on Investment thanks to our transparent pricing model.

Identify costly manual processes 

Let F-ONE take care of the robots

Realize ROI and continue automating

We have developed a solution that takes all the variables out of the equation in your ROI calculation. Let us worry about development, deployment, utilization and maintenance of robots, and focus on the processes relevant to your business.

RPA-as-a-Service solution for mid-market clients

F-ONE provides the complete service of automating a process, from A to Z. We help document your process, write the robot code, test and deploy the robot. We also monitor the robot’s performance 24/7 and immediately act on any irregularities. The solution is priced per robot run with a fixed one-time implementation fee depending on process complexity.

Why work with us? Imagine you could hire a contractor that executes your process on demand, at a fixed rate, with constant performance quality, at any time of day and night. This is what we are offering with our RPA-as-a-Service solution.

Transparent pricing based on actual usage of the robot

Why usage-based pricing? You do not need to worry about the number of licenses, robot utilization rates, or code efficiency. In order to calculate your automation ROI, you only need to know what it costs your organization to execute a process manually (which is not always a straightforward excercise!)

Usage-based pricing also enables you to automate labor-intensive but irregular processes. For example, you do not have to pay for a license for the whole month if the robot is only helping you with the month-end adjustments. 

What does price "per process cycle" mean? That means, we only count the number of times the bot has successfully completed a process, e.g. booked an invoice or prepared a report. 


Just a few steps, typically within one application

€500 to implement

€0.5 per process cycle

  • Data transfer

  • Up to 3 windows

  • Well-documented


applies to most processes

Multiple steps in several applications

€1,500 to implement

€1.5 per process cycle

  • Rule-based decisions

  • 3-10 windows

  • Clearly defined process

Multiple applications, cognitive functions (AI/ML)

€4,000 to implement

€4.0 per process cycle

  • Cognitive automation

  • 10+ windows

  • Variable process


Example: you would like to automate a daily report. The robot should collect data from three different IT applications, format a report and distribute it per email. Such process would fall into Standard category, and it would cost you €1,500 one-time to automate, and €1.5 every time the robot creates and distributes this report. 

Does my business data go to F-ONE?

No. Our Control Room only receives metadata on robot performance necessary to schedule, run and monitor your robotic workforce. We guarantee that any business data remains within your system. 

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Why RPA-as-a-Service is the right choice for a mid-market company?

You have full cost transparency. Too often RPA implementations come with a promising but complicated ROI calculations based on estimates of manual process costs, the number of robots required, robot utilization, development hours and consulting daily rates. This has two major drawbacks. First, it is difficult for a non-expert to validate the correctness of initial estimates before the project is well underway. Second, it creates a situation where the implementation partner is incentivized to bill more development hours and cause more maintenance work. We want to make sure our interests are economically aligned with the interests of our clients.

You only have to think about which processes to automate, we take care of the rest. Our RPA-as-a-Service solution is structured in a way that creates full ROI transparency for the client upfront and aligns our incentives. F-ONE is paid when the bots run successfully – that’s it. Let us worry about how to develop robots quickly and maintain them well to prevent downtime, how to deploy robots and optimize utilization.

How can F-ONE offer RPA at a fixed price?

Process Automation is our main business. We have the experience and data of many successful installations, based on which we can predict the costs of developing and running a particular robot. We also serve many customers, so even occasional internal budget overruns are averaged out, and we can save our clients the unpleasant surprises when it is their project that required a few extra hours of development.

We also have good control of our organization, relying on our own team of certified developers rather than outsourcing development to freelancers paid by the hour.

How does this create ROI transparency? You only have to calculate what it costs you to execute the process manually. You will know the cost of robotic process automation upfront. 

Can F-ONE offer complex Intelligent Automation solutions as a Service?

Yes, our certified developers are using a Python-based technology stack which is known for its powerful Machine Learning and AI capabilities. Naturally, our development capabilities in the RPA-as-a-Service implementations include advanced functionality which cannot be included using the traditional RPA's user-friendly graphical interface.