Secure the best developers 
for your Intelligent Automation project

Securing skilled RPA developers is a challenge for most Intelligent Automation project managers. It is difficult to find good partners, as the market is very fragmented and opaque. Implementation companies are overloaded, and freelancers are often difficult to organize and manage. Finally, outsourcing companies do not always have qualified, dedicated RPA developers. 

Why work with us? We have built our development organization to support our own Intelligent Automation projects. We have installed the world-class processes and best practices that we require to satisfy our own customers. When working with our development team, you benefit from their full focus on RPA and Intelligent Automation. To make sure that we can support projects of any scale and meet any technological requirements, we have partnered with Kelly Services, a leading staffing agency.

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Why is F-ONE the best development partner for you?

Certified developers: we provide developers which are skilled and certified in the technology used on your project: Automation Anywhere, UiPath, ABBYY, Kofax, etc.

Time-critical staffing: thanks to having our own development team, tech vendor partnerships and powerful recruiting capabilities of our partners, we can commit to ambitious project timelines. 

Large developer team: in addition to our own team, we work in a strategic partnership with Kelly Services IT Solutions who employ more than 900 developers in Russia.

We are near you: we apply the same standard of services regardless of whether we are managing our own Intelligent Automation project or helping on someone else's - including constant availability and German reliability. 

About us

F-ONE Group is a German-based Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation implementation company focused on middle-market clients in DACH and EU. Our international team has supported major banks and Fortune 500 industrial clients in strategic transformation projects.

We have built up an Intelligent Automation development organization in Moscow, Russia to support our own projects, which also provides independent development services.