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Empower your employees to identify, prioritize and implement robotic process automation opportunities and develop your Center of Excellence.

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The promise of Robotic Process Automation is to avoid costly implementation budgets and protracted projects. Building an internal Center of Excellence is a way to control your RPA budget by using internal resources to design and implement your automation strategy. Most RPA platforms are designed to be user-friendly, offering low-code or no-code environments to be operated by business users.

RPA implementation solution for mid-market clients

We help our clients make the first steps of their automation journey by providing them just the support they need. It can include advising on the choice of RPA platform, providing best practices and templates or running workshops for employees, but also helping select and adjust processes for automation and write the RPA code. Once the RPA program is implemented and a Center of Excellence is set up, we remain in touch to help resolve any issues and develop the automation program.

Why work with us? You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself. There are established best practices for your automation journey, which we are there to share. Proper documentation and governance, error escalation, handling of credentials, and testing of bots are just some factors which can make or break an RPA implementation. We have implemented RPA for some of the biggest financial institutions in Europe and documented our learnings, so that you don’t have to discover everything for yourself. We will also be at your side, should your team need support with automating a particularly tricky process, or troubleshooting bots.

You can choose the support you need

Business Analysis

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Document existing processes

Identify best practices

Design should-be processes


Develop automation architecture

Develop, test and deploy robots


Set up required infrastructure

Define and measure business value

Select the best technologies

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Provide employee training


Robot performance dashboard

Ongoing maintenance and support


Adjustments and modifications

Maintenance and support

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Why is F-ONE the best robotic process automation partner for you?

Experience: we are a team of consultants and developers that has delivered projects for globally renowned clients in industry, logistics and finance (Fortune 500). We are either certified by, or recognized as official partners of several leading RPA vendors, and we are exclusively focused on delivering business process automation.

Focus: F-ONE is focused on middle-market clients (independent companies or corporate business units) in manufacturing and logistics, which gives us a unique understanding of our client’s business challenges. Our geographic focus is on DACH and EU clients, and from our home base in Frankfurt am Main we are always just a call away.

Alignment: our business model is built around running bots for our clients (RPA-as-a-Service), which means that our interests are economically aligned with the interests of our clients. In contrast to typical implementation consultancies, we are not focused on billing consultant and developer hours.

Flexibility: We can provide you the support you need, whether it is consulting, development, training, or maintenance. Our mission is to help mid-market clients save costs and improve business outcomes by automating their business processes. If you want to do it yourself, we will help you choose the best RPA vendor for that. If you want to go fast, we will provide the necessary development resources. If you need someone to call if things don't work, we will be there for you. 

How much will an RPA implementation cost and what is the ROI?

If you decide to go the traditional route (buy RPA licenses and develop your own Center of Excellence), there are three main cost components: RPA licenses, implementation costs, and running costs (infrastructure, code adjustments). These vary depending on your objectives and the scale of your project, so you would need to talk to us in order to get an estimated quote.

ROI planning starts with the estimate of your current costs to manually carry out processes (including the cost of employing people, as well as hidden cost of possible delays and errors). Initial investment to implement an RPA project depends on the number and complexity of processes to be automated (development and consulting expenses). Bot utilization also plays an important role, because it impacts your RPA license expenses. Finally, the quality of robot code and best-practice development, as well as the stability of processes and underlying applications, determine the running costs of RPA. Actual ROI is a result of all those factors.

If you are interested in total cost transparency from Day One, have a look at our RPA-as-a-Service solution.