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Automate routine tasks in Invoice Accounting

​Our robotic accounting clerk helps you free up time for value-added projects and controlling. He acts like a remote employee, who constantly and automatically processes incoming invoices, creates outgoing invoices and sends payment reminders.
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Free up people's time and accelerate processing

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Optimize liquidity

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Improve margins with early payment discounts

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Most invoices nowadays come in electronic form, many are already machine-readable (ZUGFeRD or similar). Nevertheless, every company has to contend with great variability in invoice formats, which makes automation difficult. Our intelligent robots go far beyond optical character recognition to support the finance department in a meaningful way and to book over 80% of incoming invoices fully automatically.

A large portion of invoice processing time is spent managing exceptions and errors on invoices. These exceptions and errors are minor in most cases, but they delay the processing of the invoice and consume a lot of time. To solve this, the robotic clerk relies on pre-defined validation rules (e.g. invoice date, agreement with purchase order and goods receipt, invoice total).

Robotic accounting clerk is an AI-powered robot whose task is to support rule-based accounting processes.
Job description of the robotic accounting clerk:
  • Check incoming invoices versus orders and incoming goods

  • Decide on the use of early payment discounts based on established rules

  • Enter invoice data in the relevant IT systems

  • Create outgoing invoices

  • Monitor incoming payments and write reminders

Robotic clerk stands by your team like a hardworking employee.

/ Communication per email, WhatsApp or Teams

/ Intuitive interface to validate complex cases

/ Works on its own PC in your system, just like an employee

/ Adapts to your needs and requirements

/ Works with the same IT accounts as the employees

/ Can work through APIs or the user interface

/ Works quickly and reliably

Financial Analyst
More time for value added-projects and controlling

The robot can process over 80% of all incoming invoices and up to 100% of outgoing invoices fully automatically. As a result, the workload in the finance department is noticeably reduced. This allows employees to focus on further training, controlling and liquidity management.

Improve liquidity and margins with automatic control

The robot ensures that outgoing invoices are sent immediately and that incoming invoices are paid just before or on the due date. Employees have time to optimize the timing of A/R invoices or take other tactical actions to improve liquidity.

No contractual committments

The robot is paid per invoice in the "Pay-Per-Use" model, making it worthwhile for both large and small companies. Our robots receive between 50 and 7,500 invoices a month. If you ever decide to switch to a different system, you have full flexibility at any time.

The robotic accounting clerk pays for itself from day one.
How to "hire" the robot

The commissioning of the robotic clerk takes about 3-4 weeks, which are mainly required for process definition, training of the AI model and connection to the IT systems. After commissioning, we are always available to answer questions and work in the background to ensure that the robot is working properly.


Define processes

F-ONE uses the BPMN format to define target processes together with you and to determine the work steps that should be taken over by the robot.


Train the robot

The "instruction" mainly includes the training of the AI model based on historical invoices, as well as the connection of the robot to your IT systems via interfaces or via the user interface.


Introduce to the team

We will discuss with your team how to work with the robotic clerk to get the best results for your business.